Introducing Pedal School.

Pedal School is the brainchild of David Wilson and Jesse Hopkins. The two met up one night to discuss pedals, electronics, and the DIY guitar community in Dallas when it was discovered that they had both separately had the exact same idea: to offer classes that would teach guitarists how to build their own effects pedals.

Each Pedal School class is a one-time, self-contained unit and comes with everything you need to build your own pedal from scratch: the circuit board, components, enclosure and complete instructions. All you need to bring is yourself.

Standard Class Policy

Unless otherwise noted, all Pedal School classes are subject to the standard class policy.

Classes are non-refundable. If for any reason you are not able to make your reservation, please contact us at immediately about rescheduling possibilities. Rescheduling requires a minimum notice of 48 hours in advance of scheduled date. Basically, just be an adult.

If you’ve never soldered components to a printed circuit board before, please add the Soldering Basics Add-on to your order. The Soldering Basics Add-on takes place one hour before each Pedal School class and covers the basics of soldering components to a printed circuit board so you can confidently begin work on your pedal when your main class starts. This is strongly recommended for most Pedal School students, but required for those with no soldering experience, as the main class moves quickly and assumes basic soldering skills.